There’s A Right And Wrong Way To Sit

What’s the deal with sitting?

We all sit too much, plain and simple. Whether you’re a student in lectures all day or in the workforce at a desk job, chances are, you’re sitting the majority of the day. It may seem silly, but how you sit can have a lot to do with pesky muscle tightness and pain. Take a look at these little self-checks to see if a faulty sitting posture is contributing to any pain or discomfort you might be experiencing.

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Are your ears in line with your shoulders?

A lot of us are guilty of poking our heads out in front of the line of our shoulders, especially since we’re usually on computers all day or bent over texting. If this is the case, you’re making the muscles on the front of your neck work extra hard and they can become over-shortened. On top of that, you’re putting a ton of stress on your upper back and neck, leading to a stooped-over position and back pain. And if the pain isn’t enough to deter you from doing this, you can actually look much shorter than you truly are if you walk around with this type of posture.

Are you sitting without lower back support?

There are natural curvatures of the spine that need to be supported when we’re sitting. For example, your lower back – your lumbar spine – naturally possesses something called lordosis, which is that little arch in your lower back. Most chairs don’t provide enough support for this important curvature, so opt for a lumbar support pillow (or even roll up a towel for a quick option).

Is your computer at eye level?

There’s a pretty good chance when you’re using your laptop or desktop computer, you’re looking down at it. The optimal position is to actually have the top of the screen right in line with your eyes so you don’t have to constantly look down, putting serious stress on your neck and back. So elevate your computer and you’ll alleviate a lot of pain.

Are you getting out of your chair enough?

Make a point to get up out of that chair as much as you can every hour. Even if it’s just to walk to grab a cup of coffee, stand up for a few minutes, or maybe going for a walk outside. Get out of that cramped up position and move your body! Check out our Youtube channel for exercises to help you keep moving. 

If you’re looking for extra tips, tweaks, stretches, and strengthening to optimize your posture, come in to see us at Symmetry Physical Therapy in Downtown Miami. We can assess your posture and address any imbalances to make your life as movement-rich and pain-free as possible!

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