Winback Tecar Therapy

Accelerated Healing for a Faster Recovery

What is the Winback?

The Winback is a versatile machine that accelerates the body's natural healing process and decreases recovery time. Through the release of radiofrequency current, we increase the excitability of our cells, the cells' permeability, and the rate of exchange of nutrients within the target tissues.

The hyperexcitability of the cells results in a significant increase in internal heat, allowing us to realign abnormal collagen fibers and scar tissue, decrease vascular compression, reduce muscular ischemia, release local opioids and fibroblasts, and decrease pain.

The Winback also increases vasodilation, improving circulation and oxygenation, supplying the body with important healing nutrients.

The Winback can be used post-injury, or to enhance recovery for athletic performance.

It is a Physiologic Bio-Accelerator!

What Can you Treat with the Winback?

Everything. The winback can facilitate faster recovery and healing time in all tissues. We treat a variety of diagnoses, including tendonitis, overuse injuries, scar tissue, headaches, migraines, sprains, strains, muscle spasms, muscle tightness, trigger points, chronic pain, arthritis, impingement, nerve compression, nerve entrapment, carpel tunnel and so much more!


The Science Behind the Winback

Immediate Results

Reduced pain and increased tissue/joint mobility after one session. 

Effective and Versatile

Many attachments and settings for customized treatment

Faster Progress

Innovative technology that accelerates the body's natural healing process with 6X faster vascularization and 2X faster rehabilitation.

Pain Reduction

Immediate pain reduction after one treatment

Tissue Specific

Targets both superficial and deep anatomical structures for more specific results.

Performance Enhancing

Improve muscular strength and power after one session by decreasing vascular compression and activating inhibited muscles.  


FAQ's of the Winback

Not really, but let's give it a try.

The Winback Tecartherapy machine uses different radio frequencies to excite 
our cells, increasing the cell's permeability, opening ion channels, and increasing the speed of our body's intracellular and extracellular exchange. We can restore the natural voltage of damaged cells in the body, faster, with more precision.

The Winback provides 3 benefits for the body: 1. Eliminates Pain: Winback energy relieves tissue pressure and
increases endorphin secretion for up to 48 hours, 2. Frees Up Movement: Winback energy
releases tension in contractures, edema, fibrosis by increasing revascularization in the local
level, and 3. Accelerate Healing: Winback increases hemoglobin concentration, oxygenation and
accelerates the body’s natural auto repair system

I know we said simple, but believe it or not, this is a simple explanation. See 'Cool Science Stuff' below for the real deal.

Almost everyone. The Winback is beneficial in both acute and chronic conditions. It helps with pain, inflammation, and
stiffness in various muscle and joint injuries.

No. There are several types of electrical current and not all have the same effect on the human
body. Tecar current is a high frequency current which is different from electrical stimulation or
ultrasound. Tecar therapy uses the frequency range of 300 KHz ,500 KHz, and 1 MHz. In these
frequency range the current is natural, non-invasive and act at the cellular level, allows precise targeting of different tissue layers (muscles, joints, bones, etc.), working on deep-set and painful
conditions which were previously unresponsive

Just the opposite! The Winback produces an increase in cellular activity, which results in an increase in internal heat. Most patients really enjoy this therapy. At first, you will only feel the pressure applied from the handles or therapist then, the tissue will begin to gently warm up. After a few minutes, the tissue will get warmer and warmer. Our goal is to reach a point where the heat is strong but comfortable. Most patients feel immediately better, and often want to incorporate the Winback into future sessions. 

Absolutely! The Winback is able to heat internal tissues past the 41 degrees C mark, which is the required temperature to remodel scar tissue.

Extremely! You can use it with acute or chronic injuries. The only contraindications are pregnancy, thrombophlebitis, cancer (because we are increasing the activity of the cells), open growth plates, an insulin pump, or a pacemaker. 

No! Some of our most frequent users are high-level athletes looking to recover quickly.

More Info

Want to learn more? Feel free to contact us or take a look at our Research Page to keep learning!

The Winback is used by our physical therapists as a bio-accelerator to assist in speeding up recovery and tissue healing. It is often integrated into a comprehensive recovery program which will include additional forms of manual therapy, joint mobilizations, dry needling, and strength training.


Deep Dive Into the Science

This section is meant for physicians to learn about the physiology behind the Winback machine ...coming soon

For now, take a look at the research articles in our 'research' section

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