What Is Dry Needling and What Does It Actually Do?

What is dry needling and what does it actually do symmetry pt miami

If you are looking for immediate results, faster progress, controlling your pain without relying on pain medication, and enhancing your performance, you might be a candidate for dry needling! Keep reading to find out what dry needling is and what you can treat with dry needling!

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Make Time for Mobility in Your Workout

Why you need to make time for mobility in your workouts symmetry pt miami

It’s half past noon and you have exactly 60 minutes to get to the gym, workout, grab a smoothie, and get back to your desk. That’s barely enough time to get a solid sweat in, so you decide to simply “warmup” on the treadmill for five minutes and make time to stretch later in the week. That should be fine right? Well, the truth is skipping a quality warmup once won’t make or break your functional capacity. But this isn’t really about one warmup. It’s about habits.

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Reduce Injury and Stay Active Longer

Modify your workout to decrease injury and stay active longer symmetry pt miami

Many things about exercise have become common knowledge nowadays. For example, The American Heart Association recommends 30 minutes of “heart-pumping” activity most days of the week for maintaining cardiovascular health. Consistent strength training helps to prevent decline in bone density for those with osteoporosis/osteopenia. Long duration cardiovascular activity is good for memory.

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