Text Neck

text neck

What is text neck? Text neck is a modern age term used to describe chronic neck pain caused by excessive texting on mobile devices. In today’s society, we have developed sedentary habits driven by electronic devices that are contributing to a global epidemic. An average person spends 2-4 hours per day with their head tilted…

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Prehab & Physical Therapy

What is “prehab”? What do you think of when you hear “physical therapy”? Probably a place The term “rehab” probably comes to mind. Well, that’s certainly part of it, but it isn’t the whole picture. A major movement in the physical therapy world right now – and a huge goal of Symmetry Physical Therapy –…

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Muscular Imbalance


We talked about upper crossed syndrome (UCS) last week, so you probably have somewhat of an idea as to what lower crossed syndrome (LCS) might entail. Remember in UCS how there were muscles that were either tight or over-stretched on the front and back of the body? The same holds true for the lower body,…

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Upper Crossed Syndrome?

Upper crossed syndrome can be avoided. Humans are supposed to move we aren’t meant to be sedentary and motionless. But, most of our jobs keep us sitting all day long. We’re typically commuting sitting down in our cars for an extended period of time. In addition, we are so tired when we get home from…

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There’s A Right And Wrong Way To Sit

What’s the deal with sitting? We all sit too much, plain and simple. Whether you’re a student in lectures all day or in the workforce at a desk job, chances are, you’re sitting the majority of the day. It may seem silly, but how you sit can have a lot to do with pesky muscle…

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