Postural Evaluation and Ergonomic Assessments

Postural Evaluation and Restoration

Over time poor postural habits develop with our lifestyles. Whether you are stuck at a desk, carrying a small child, or just generally not as mobile as you once were, the body starts to stiffen up. This cycle is self-propelling. As negative ‘adaptations’ are made, some muscles become overly tight, some are overly lengthened, the mobility in our joints decrease, and we start to slowly sink into poor postural habits. These habits can cause additional strain on our muscles, joints, spinal discs, and connective tissue creating far less than optimal conditions over time.

Sometimes, our chosen sport can cause postural deficits. Athletes who repetitively perform movements in one direction, or who are stuck in a sustained position, will often develop postural compensations. We highly encourage athletes to perform a postural assessment to combat some of the side effects of their sport.

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Postural Evaluations

Just as the body has learned these habits, it can ‘unlearn’ them as well. The damages can be reversed with some effort and consistency.

Painful symptoms from posture appear in many ways, the body is very interconnected. During your postural evaluation, your Doctor of Physical Therapy will assess your symptoms and determine the areas causing your discomfort.

Your therapist will teach you a corrective program to combat the effects of poor posture.

Ergonomic Assessments

With most of our day being at a desk, it is no wonder our bodies are suffering. Having a proper office configuration is critical for mitigating the effects of sitting.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy go through a full head to toe analysis of your office. We will inspect every aspect of your desk arrangement, going point-by-point to make sure all angles, supports, monitor heights, footrests, chair heights, and other adaptations are adjusted to your body.

In-Office Work Station Assessments

Symmetry offers Ergonomic Office Assessments for your whole team. We are happy to come to your office and perform assessments for the entire staff. Small workstation adjustments can yield major relief.

During an assessment we will answer any individual concerns and advise on recommended modifications to keep everyone comfortable and pain free at work. We offer in-person, or virtual ergonomic assessments.

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Evaluation Session

Postural Deficits often have a strong link to one’s workstation arrangement.

You don't have suffer with neck, back, or any other type of pain at work. Let our therapists correct your desk set up, and relieve your pain.

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