What is Pilates?

Pilates is a training technique that improves muscle strength, flexibility, balance, and overall health! Joseph Pilates created this technique to develop a body that has the energy, strength, and flexibility to perform any activity throughout the day with ease. It is based on principles of concentration, control, centering, precision, breath, and flow. Exercises can be performed on a mat or specialized equipment that uses spring tension such as a reformer or tower. Pilates training has the versatility to be modified according to any fitness level.

Pilates and Physical Therapy

Pilates and Physical Therapy are a natural fit for each other. Both have a strong focus on developing proper muscle balances, optimizing human movement, and integrating movement patterns to daily function. Combined programs consisting of both Pilates and Physical Therapy can help you develop a strong and more flexibly body while allowing you to recovery from injury faster. New research has proven the combination of Pilates and Physical Therapy for injury rehabilitation gives incredibly successful results.

Pilates at Symmetry Physical Therapy

At Symmetry Physical Therapy our therapists incorporate Pilates into the Physical Therapy treatment plan for accelerated recovery. This integrated physical therapy approach utilizes a gradual development of basic exercises beginning with assistance and progressing to full body resistance and complex movements. Exercises range from simple single joint movements to challenging multi-plane full body movements. Each exercise is purposeful and assists in training the body to move in a more functional and coordinated pattern. With the expertise of our therapists and the use of cues and form correction, Pilates allows our patients to excel through their recovery and decrease risk of re-injury.
Symmetry uses the most technologically advanced Balanced Body Pilates reformer and tower equipment. Ours therapists conduct a detailed full body evaluation to assess where you have mobility, stability, and or flexibility restrictions. Based on these initial evaluation findings your therapist will develop a program tailored to you to reach your goals faster and allow for a more fluid recovery!

Not a patient? No problem, Symmetry offers 1-1 private Pilates sessions for both rehabilitation and fitness.