Adductor Strains

adductor strain

Groin Strains If you played sports, it is likely that you have experienced an adductor groin strain. This injury is most common in sports like soccer, ice hockey, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball, and football. A groin strain can limit your ability to perform many activities like running, kicking, cutting or changing direction, and can linger…

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Pain: Why do we feel it?

knee pain

What is pain? That is a loaded question with a complex answer! To give a simple explanation, “it is an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience that is unique to the individual.” The key word being “unique” as perceptions of pain and how to it relates to our physiology can be quite complex. We deal in…

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Ankle Sprain Rehab

Ankle Sprain Rehab Ankle sprains are one of the most common musculoskeletal injuries, however most people assume they can recover from them on their own. Unfortunately, one quick roll of the ankle can result in significant instability, decreased range of motion, and loss of strength causing increased risk of re-injury if left untreated. As a…

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