Pilates for Low Back Pain

pilates physical therapy Miami FL

Does Pilates Based Physical Therapy Help Reduce Low Back Pain?  Pilates is a form of exercise that shares many similarities with physical therapy. Pilates is based on several principles of movement including: breath, axial elongation and core control, spine articulation, organization of the head/neck/shoulders, alignment and weight bearing of the extremities, and movement integration. Utilizing…

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Running Injuries

running assessment

Why Am I Developing Running Injuries? Many of us have increased our frequency of running during this pandemic. Running “too much, too soon,” is one of the primary causes of injury. Runners will often experience overuse injuries because of the large amount of miles logged over the course of their training. Poor movement patterns can…

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Running Analysis

what is a running analysis

Intro to Running Analysis Distance running as a competitive and recreational sport has exponentially increased in popularity over the years. We have more people running than ever before. But, many runners have not received any specific coaching on how to run. It is very easy to simply put on your shoes and start running without…

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