Frequently Asked Questions

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At Symmetry, our Doctors of Physical Therapy treat each patient one-on-one for a full hour/session. This unique style of care separates us from most clinics who usually see 3 to 5 patients at a time utilizing assistants, technicians, or students. At Symmetry each session is focused on one patient and treatment is tailored to specific goals.

One of our values is continuity of care and therapeutic progression. We evaluate and assess the whole body to determine the root cause of the injury. Each of our physical therapists have a specialty certification. Each session is one-on-one with the Doctor of Physical Therapy allowing the plan of care to be closely monitored and adjusted to a patient’s need.

If you’d like to compare us with another clinic, we encourage you to ask the following questions:

  • How many patients are treated at a time?
    • One patient an hour at Symmetry
  • Who is providing the treatment (Doctor of Physical Therapy vs. student, technician, or aid)?
    • Always the Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • What is the duration of the session?
    • One hour, every session starts and ends on time.
  • What credentials does the physical therapist have?
    • Our specialties include: Board-Certified Manual Therapist, Board-Certified Sports Clinical Specialist, Blood Flow Restriction Certified, Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Pilates, Pelvic Floor Therapy, and more.
  • Feel free to check us out on Google, Instagram, or Yelp to get a better idea of the treatment we provide and what our patients have to say!

We start accepting patients at age 13.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy would be able to determine the best plan of care during your initial evaluation/first session. Each session is focused and optimized for recovery according to your injury/condition. Some things to consider:

  • How severe is the injury?
  • How many areas of the body are involved?
  • How long have you been in pain?
  • How many compensations have you developed?
  • What are your goals?
      • Are you looking to return to competition or high level athletics?

Initiating treatment as soon as possible allows the therapist to treat the pain before the body develops compensations. As a rule of thumb, if the discomfort has lasted over 48 hours, it is time for an intervention. 


At Symmetry our priority is quality one-on-one patient care. Our treatment plans are individualized, we do not commit patients to a certain number of sessions. We do not offer packages or discounts. However, we do accept insurance and have flexible payment options. We kindly encourage patients to check their insurance benefits here to determine their coverage for physical therapy. 

In the state of Florida you are able to see a physical therapist directly for 30 days (per body part being treated) without a Doctor's referral. We do work closely with the leading physicians in many specialties. If a referral is required, we will assist you in finding the right doctor, and in making an appointment. We have listed a few trusted professionals below that Symmetry Physical Therapy works closely with.

Absolutely! We Love being involved in the health and wellness community. A few community partners we work closely with:

A. One of the largest Miami Run Clubs, Team FDC.

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Symmetry Physical Therapy is a privately owned one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic in Downtown Miami/Brickell. Every treatment is with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire hour. Symmetry’s specialized, dedicated, and passionate team of physical therapists is fully committed to each patient’s success.

10+ Years as a Therapist Owned Physical Therapy Practice