Symmetry Physical Therapy, Downtown Miami/ Brickell, continues to have exclusively 5-star reviews on several social media sites, after four years of serving Miami.

Some of south Florida’s leading physicians and orthopedic surgeons refer their top patients to us, knowing Symmetry provides the best physical therapy care in south Florida. Below you will find a list of testimonials and reviews written by Symmetry Physical Therapy’s patients. Symmetry prides itself on having a diverse patient population, and well rounded and capable therapists who treat a variety of diagnoses.

Check out what other patients had to say about Symmetry Physical Therapy’s customized therapy programs!

symmetry physical therapy reviews Isabella, 5-Star Review on Google

While marathon training, I injured my IT band. I decided to seek PT at Symmetry Physical Therapy because it was highly recommended. I would not have been able to get better without Symmetry’s help! When I first started, I had unbearable pain in my IT Band and could not run for even 0.5 miles. Thanks to the strengthening and balancing exercises we did, I’ve been able to safely increase my mileage pain-free. The Symmetry Team surpassed all of my expectations, going above and beyond by providing strategy for how to continue therapy even while out of town, being reachable at all times, and their extensive knowledge was obvious throughout the entire process. I was able not only to get better but also to learn about how to train more effectively and avoid injury in the future. I would recommend Symmetry highly!!

symmetry physical therapy reviews Thomas, 5-Star Review on Google

I started going to Symmetry Physical Therapy, Downtown Miami/ Brickell, after ankle surgery on my right ankle. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. They have helped me regain my strength and flexibility in my ankle and also helped me work on other areas of tightness I didn’t realize I had. The clinic has a variety of machines and tools to help. They are busy but never crowded and always gave me “homework” to do in between sessions that accelerated my progress. I went snowboarding 2 months ago and felt zero pain. In fact, it was as good as I have felt in years. Thank you, Symmetry!

symmetry physical therapy reviews Michael, 5-Star Review on Google

Natalia and team comprise a group of incredibly talented individuals who are trained and knowledgeable in pretty much every anatomical area. I started going to Symmetry back in October 2016 after a Bankart repair and torn labrum surgery. The Symmetry Physical Therapy Team treated me one on one and now I’m happy to say that I have pretty much full use of my shoulder again. I asked tons of questions throughout the process and the staff at Symmetry was sure to answer each one with a tremendous amount of detail. Definitely recommend going to see the Symmetry Team after any sort of physical mishap.

symmetry physical therapy reviews Saidhasan, 5-Star Review on Google

My groin injury is now gone forever. And I learned how to do my own stretches and warm ups.
I liked the variety of the treatment that included manual therapy, stretching, exercising, cupping, taping and massage.
The staff is so friendly, it is definitely the best physical therapy center I have been too. Great experience and results.

symmetry physical therapy reviews Layla, 5-Star Review on Google

I did my physical therapy with Symmetry after my ACL repair and had a great experience. Everyone is friendly, professional and very knowledgeable. It is extremely easy to schedule visits. I had a busy schedule with lots of travel throughout the week, and the Symmetry Team was able to work with me, so that I would get appropriate physical therapy. The facility is also quite pleasant and clean. I had a great experience here and definitely recommend.

symmetry physical therapy reviews Mary, 5-Star Review on Google

Fantastic experience with Symmetry, not only with hands-on manipulations to help with pain/inflammation, but also exercises to help heal and strengthen. I’ve gained a much better understanding of my body as a functional unit, realizing how everything works together. Highly recommend for active people/athletes!!

symmetry physical therapy reviews Mathew, 5-Star Review on Google

There is not enough space here to detail the compassion, care and concern that I have received from Natalia and her staff during my rehab, prehab and rehab. They have seen me through a complete ACL reconstruction surgery (that had been exasperated by an infection and an ill prescribed rehab protocol) and a second surgery to clean up the first. I am back on my feet playing sports thanks to the Symmetry Team! I still see them for my maintenance days and to continue to learn how to better take care of my body post work outs. I recommend Symmetry Physical Therapy without hesitation.