Physical Therapy

Treat your body right! Regardless of if you have chronic pain, or are looking to maximize your performance…

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Massage Therapy

Relax and recover! Massage and stretch therapy sessions offer the perfect complement to physical therapy intervention.

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Stretch Therapy

Loosen up! Enhance your lifestyle and fight feelings of tightness. Symmetry offers partial or full body stretch…

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Performance Testing

Avoid injury! Measure your body’s current ability and progress through treatment. Performance testing helps patients…

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About Symmetry Physical Therapy

Symmetry Physical Therapy is the only one-on-one, patient centered physical therapy clinic serving Downtown Miami/Brickell. Symmetry’s dedicated and passionate team of professionals are fully committed to each patient’s success. Symmetry’s unique approach to rehabilitation helps patients recover faster with the best outcomes. Every patient receives:

• Exclusively one-on-one care with the Doctor of Physical Therapy

• A full body evaluation to diagnose the root cause of the symptoms

• Advanced manual therapy techniques and innovative exercises

• Devoted time and attention to all symptoms including compensatory patterning

It is our belief that every patient is a complex case that deserves the full attention from a Doctor of Physical Therapy each treatment. For that reason, we do not use physical therapy assistants, students, or techs.

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Meet The Team

Why Our Service?

Receive One-On-One Patient Care

Individualized care and patient focused treatments are critically important to achieve optimal results and complete recovery. We take pride in being fully present and committed to each patient’s success. Every patient works with the same physical…

Advanced Therapeutic Progression

Proper form is essential! All exercises are monitored and progressed by the physical therapist to ensure improvements in mobility, strength, stability, balance, and proprioception. Each exercise program is based on the current injury and advanced through treatment. 

Education Is A Key Component

Education is a key component to continued health and wellness. Our patients progress through each session learning why and how the treatments performed help them get better. During each session patients are taught exactly what to do at home…