Physical Therapy

Symmetry’s physical therapy programs are designed for our patients to recover from the acute injury and to correct any dysfunctional compensations that were developed while injured.

Our physical therapists incorporate manual therapy, dry needling, spinal manipulation, exercise, manual joint mobilizations, proprioceptive and balance training, neuromotor control techniques, recovery services, and modalities into a comprehensive recovery program leaving our patients feeling stronger and healthier long-term.

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One-On-One Physical Therapy

Our therapists are highly skilled and experienced treating of a variety of conditions. Every patient is treated on a one-on-one basis during the entire session to focus on optimal recovery strategies and progressive treatment programs.

Whether you are suffering from chronic low back pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, neck aches or anything in-between, we have the right therapist for you.

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Therapeutic Exercise

Proper form and exercise selection are essential in effective recovery. Our therapists select the best exercises that are individualized for your needs. Exercise intensity ranges from gentle stabilization to high level precision movements.

Manual Therapy

Peak performance requires a healthy balance in joint mechanics and tissue tension. After an injury, it is important that this balance is restored with hands-on mobilizations and then reinforced with stabilization and strength exercises.

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Physical Therapy will lessen your pain, regain your mobility, improve muscle strength, improve muscle response time, improve endurance, promote proper recovery, and minimize the development of scar tissue

Pre-Surgery Physical Therapy

Pre-surgical physical therapy treatments focus on how to improve strength, endurance, and proprioception for better surgical outcomes. We help patients learn what to expect after surgery, and the best adaptive methods for the post-surgical transition.

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Post-Surgical Physical Therapy

After surgery your therapist will conduct an in-depth evaluation detailing all aspects of the repair. All surgical precautions will be reviewed with the patient to ensure the best physical therapy outcomes. A comprehensive recovery program will be implemented to reduce pain and secure a full recovery.

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We provide the best service to our patients:

  • One-on-one with the Doctor of Physical Therapy (no students, tech, or aides)
  • Dry needling, spinal manipulation, cupping, IASTM, Winback, joint mobilizations
  • An entire hour dedicated to you
  • We start and end on time
  • All sessions are with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy
  • Therapists hold advanced degrees

Symmetry has the leading research-based recovery services todecrease pain and compliment therapeutic outcomes.

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Preventative Physical Therapy

Stop injury before it happens. Prehab consists of performing specifically designed exercises for vulnerable areas. We focus on building strength, stability, mobility, and endurance around areas that are at increased risk for injury.

Symmetry’s Therapists are skilled at treating a multitude of diagnoses.

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Symmetry Physical Therapy is a privately owned one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic in Downtown Miami/Brickell. Every treatment is with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire hour. Symmetry’s specialized, dedicated, and passionate team of physical therapists is fully committed to each patient’s success.

10+ Years as a Therapist Owned Physical Therapy Practice