Sports Physical Therapy

One-On-One Physical Therapy

Our specialists lead you through the full rehabilitation process, from injury recovery to performance training. We prepare our athletes to reach their optimal athletic ability by combining our knowledge of injury prevention, rehabilitation, restorative movement, strength/performance training, biomechanics, and sport specific training for a comprehensive recovery program.

We are here to help you overcome injuries, enhance performance, and recover faster to return to your sport better than ever.

sports physical therapy miami fl

Sports Physical Therapy Miami FL

Sports Physical Therapy focuses on prevention, evaluation, treatment, and performance enhancement of an athlete. We work with all types of athletes, from recreational weekend-warriors to high school, collegiate, and professional competitors.

We are happy to collaborate with athletic trainers, strength coaches, performance coaches, parents, administrators, orthopedic surgeons, and more. We can also perform a running analysis to identify any faults in your movement patterns which may lead to injury or inhibit your performance.

We commonly treat applicants who compete in:


Beach Volleyball





Endurance events (runners, cyclists and triathletes)



Power Lifting


sports therapy miami fl
sports physical therapy miami fl


We offer preventative screenings to help reduce the risk of injury. We take our athletes through a comprehensive movement assessment to determine the ‘weak links’ in the body. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy design an individualized program to improve these areas leaving our athletes stronger and more prepared for competition.

Ankle Sprains

Ankle Fractures

Achilles Tendonitis

ACL Injuries

Meniscus Injuries

Patellar Tendinitis

IT Band Syndrome

Hip Impingement

Common Sports-Related Injuries

ACL Prevention

Hip Labrum Tears

Low Back and Neck Injuries

Rotator Cuff Tears and Tendonitis

Shoulder Impingement

Labral Tears

Tennis/Golfers Elbow

And more


Proper recovery is essential for athletes to meet the demands of their sport and ensure optimal performance during competition. We routinely treat in-season athletes for improved recovery to prepare them for their next event.

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Symmetry Physical Therapy is a privately owned one-on-one, patient-centered physical therapy clinic in Downtown Miami/Brickell. Every treatment is with the same Doctor of Physical Therapy for the entire hour. Symmetry’s specialized, dedicated, and passionate team of physical therapists is fully committed to each patient’s success.

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