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Dr. Natalia Sikaczowski


Dr. Natalia Sikaczowski founded Symmetry Physical Therapy in 2014 with the fundamental belief that patients should be treated on an individual basis. Dr. Natalia believes patients should be given a diverse array of treatment modalities and techniques, along with a progressive and varied exercise and stretching program, to ensure maximum recovery. Dr. Natalia has been fully vaccinated in order to maintain the health and safety of her patients. We offer in-home physical therapy services in Delray Beach, Florida, and surrounding areas.


Physical Therapy

Our therapists are highly skilled and experienced treating a variety of conditions. Every patient is treated on a one-on-one basis during the entire session to focus on optimal recovery strategies and progressive treatment programs.

Whether you are suffering from chronic low back pain, rotator cuff tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, knee pain, neck aches or anything in-between, we will get you feeling your best!

Our Services

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Physical Therapy

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Aquatic Home Therapy

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Personal Training

Home/Concierge Physical Therapy – Delray Beach,
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Post-Surgical Rehab

Home/Concierge Physical Therapy – Delray Beach,
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Ergonomic Assessments

Home/Concierge Physical Therapy – Delray Beach,

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Physical Therapy Miami

In-Home & Concierge Physical Therapy Delray Beach, FL

Looking for all-inclusive care? Symmetry Physical Therapy will send one of our licensed physical therapists to you. Our in-home physical therapy service in Delray Beach, FL offers everything that is available to you in a clinic.

Whether you are in Delray Beach for a few days and need a tune-up, or would like a full physical therapy treatment program, we are here for you.

In-Home Aquatic Therapy

Looking for in-home Aquatic Therapy in Delray Beach? If your home or condo building has pool access, our trained Physical Therapists in Delray Beach can lead your in-home aquatic therapy program.
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In-Home Personal Training

We can reach your goals while making sure exercises are done with the correct form and progressions.

Symmetry Physical Therapy has the knowledge and experience to treat the full athletic spectrum. Whether you need an advanced performance coach or expert guidance on fitness goals, we can help.

Our Doctors of Physical Therapy will take you through a comprehensive exercise program while ensuring any preexisting injury is accounted for during the process.

Post-Surgical Rehab

Symmetry Physical Therapy has the leading research-based recovery services to decrease pain and improve therapeutic outcomes. After surgery, it's important that your therapist conducts an in-depth evaluation detailing all aspects of the repair. All surgical precautions will be reviewed with the patient to ensure the best physical therapy outcomes. A comprehensive recovery program will be implemented to reduce pain and secure a full recovery.
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Home Office Ergonomic Assessments

Proper ergonomic education can go a long way in-home or at the office. Symmetry Physical Therapy will provide a detailed ergonomic assessment including immediate recommendations to optimize your workstation.


Symmetry also offers educational movement workshops and seminars on how to maintain a healthy body, and avoid disruptive aches and pains throughout the workday.

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