Pilates for Low Back Pain

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Does Pilates Based Physical Therapy Help Reduce Low Back Pain?  Pilates is a form of exercise that shares many similarities with physical therapy. Pilates is based on several principles of movement including: breath, axial elongation and core control, spine articulation, organization of the head/neck/shoulders, alignment and weight bearing of the extremities, and movement integration. Utilizing…

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Why You Need Physical Therapy

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You should see a Physical Therapist for pain first! As soon as you begin to experience pain or discomfort in your body you should receive physical therapy. Imagine one day you are reaching into your cupboard and notice some pain in your shoulder, but no big deal! This achy pain should go away on its…

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When Will My Injuries Heal?

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Healing Time for Musculoskeletal Injuries Tissue healing times vary from person to person and from injury to injury. However, the biological process of tissue healing remains the same. The body does an amazing job of healing throughout several phases of tissue repair. Have you ever heard someone blame their low back pain on a herniated…

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What is the Core?


What is the “CORE”?  The “core” receives a lot of publicity in today’s society and fitness world. However, there is a lot of confusion about what the term “core” really means. Despite popular belief, having strong and stable core muscles goes beyond having six pack abs. It is possible to have a visible six pack,…

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A Beginner’s Guide to Pilates

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What is Pilates?   Pilates is a form of low-impact exercise designed to connect the body and mind while improving strength, flexibility, mobility, stability and core control. Check out our Youtube channel for pilates exercises.    Meet Joseph Pilates   As a child, Joseph suffered from many illnesses that left him weak and sickly. Inspired…

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What’s New At Symmetry Physical Therapy?

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Symmetry Physical Therapy is growing! We have decided to expand Symmetry Physical Therapy! Our patient list is growing and so are we. So what does this mean for your current physical therapy sessions? Our physical therapists will continue to provide dedicated one-on-one physical therapy care. We are very excited about this growth. As a result,…

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Flexibility vs. Mobility: What’s the Difference?


Chances are you’ve seen an Instagram account or two (or ten) promoting mobility challenges.  These include exercises that require motion at many joints to perform correctly. So you’re probably thinking, I can stretch for 5 minutes and then try this exercise again with a better result. By doing this, you might not see the results…

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Benefits of Unilateral Exercise

  Unilateral means “one sided”; an exercise performed on one side of the body, or with one limb. Bilateral means “both sides”; an exercise performed with both sides of the body or with both limbs. For example, a piston would be considered a unilateral exercise, where a squat would be considered a bilateral exercise. Unilateral…

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How to Challenge your Balance to Train it

How the Body’s Balance System works: Balance relies on three distinct systems to come together: your eyes for sight, your inner ear for vestibular input, and then the bottom of your feet for proprioception. Your brain takes all the sensory input from these three areas of the body, and with that information tells your muscles…

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The Strategies to Maintain Balance

What are strategies for balance? As humans, we have evolved methods to take in order to preserve our bodies to the best of our abilities. One of these remarkable mechanisms is how we maintain our balance as a bi-pedal (two-legged) species. It important that we have strategies for balance. It’s our bodies very own unconscious…

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