Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy

Pelvic floor dysfunction is highly individualized
and can occur for many reasons.

What is Pelvic Health Physical Therapy?

Pelvic Health Physical Therapy focuses on the evaluation, assessment, and treatment of the pelvic floor muscle system. The pelvic floor forms a muscular sling from the tailbone to the pubic bone. These muscles play a large role in core stabilization, and can strongly influence performance in activities such as running, jumping, and weightlifting. The pelvic floor provides support to our internal organs, and holds an important role in our bowel, bladder, and sexual health.

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Providing you with the best care

Your pelvic health physical therapist is here to listen to your concerns. All sessions are conducted in a private treatment room to provide a safe and comfortable healing environment. Together, we will create a plan of care that will get you back to the things you love to do without limitation.

Common reasons patients seek out pelvic floor physical therapy include:

Pre and Postpartum Health Disorders related to Bladder and Bowel

Urinary Incontinence

Levator Ani Syndrome



Pelvic Organ Prolapse

Post Surgical (Cesarean Section, Hernia, Hysterectomy, Episiotomy, Laproscopy)

Diastasis Recti

Clogged Milk Duct


Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndrome (CPPS)

Proctalgia Fugax

You may benefit from Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy if you:

Leak urine when you weight lift, cough/sneeze, laugh, run, jump, or during other activities

Leak urine as soon as you feel the urge to use the toilet

Experience pelvic pain with sexual activity

Experience pain around the tailbone

Have a feeling of heaviness or fullness in the pelvis

Are recovering from abdominal surgery

Are postpartum and experiencing pain or incontinence related to childbirth

Here’s what you can expect during your Pelvic Floor Initial Examination

Your evaluation will be conducted in a private treatment room where you and your Doctor of Physical Therapy can discuss your symptoms and concerns. You are welcome to bring your partner, friend, or family member; new parents are welcome to bring their infant.

After an initial discussion of your symptoms, your Physical Therapist will evaluate your pelvic floor function through external and internal examination. Your therapist will design a treatment plan that addresses your concerns and improves your pelvic floor function.

*Given the sensitivity of a Pelvic Floor exam, we ask all patients to have a referral prepared for their first visit. 
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