Regenerative Medicine

Optimize Results after PRP, Stem Cells and Cortisone, with Injection Specific Physical Therapy Protocols

Manual Therapy

Enhance your body's recovery potential with mobilization and manual soft-tissue release to activate the reparative effect via mechanical loading in the connective tissue

Electric Dry Needling

Dry needling increases the reparative growth factors and strength, number, and organization of collagen fibers. Dry needling is linked to the survival and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells, optimizing results of injections.

Winback Tecar Therapy

The Winback promotes tissue vascularity and decreases inflammatory mediators, maintaining an environment more conducive to stem cell longevity and tissue repair. The Winback also promotes and increases the differentiation and proliferation of stem cells.

What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine describes a number of procedures that are meant to augment, repair, or replace cells and/or tissue so as restore normal structure and/or function.  There are a number of strategies in regenerative medicine, to include platelet-rich plasma (PRP) and stem cell injections.

How are Regenerative Medicine and Physical Therapy related?

Graded and temporally appropriate manual therapy and exercise combined with electric dry needling and capacitive-resistive electric transfer therapy (i.e. Winback) is imperative post-stem-cell and/or PRP injection so as to:

  • Manage initial inflammation
  • Maintain active and passive ROM while providing appropriate tissue loading
  • Promote optimal stem cell survival and function, thereby optimizing functional recovery.
  • The goal of a number of physical therapy procedures is to restore normal structure and/or function of human tissue.  Manual therapy, exercise (with and without blood-flow-restriction), electric dry needling, and Winback therapy have been shown to help repair and regenerate damaged tissue due to trauma and/or degeneration.
  • The latest evidence from the literature strongly suggests that physical therapy is useful to augment regenerative medical procedures such as PRP and stem injections so as to achieve optimal therapeutic outcomes.
physical therapy after a PRP injection

How can Manual Therapy Augment Regenerative Medicine?

  • Manual therapy and exercise is important immediately following stem cell injections so as to maintain stem longevity and function.
  • According to a recent systematic review, stretching, mobilization, and manual soft-tissue release are recommended after PRP injections, as mechanical loading is required to activate connective tissue fibroblasts so as to optimize the reparative effect.

How can Electric Dry Needling Augment Regenerative Medicine?

  • Electric dry needling is useful for increasing reparative growth factors along with the number, size, organization, and strength of connective tissue collagen fibers.
  • Electric dry needling has been linked to the mobilization, survival, and differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells.
  • Electric dry needling increases microcirculation, thereby increasing opioid delivery and improving overall joint health.
Knee-Winback physical therapy for knee pain

How can Winback Therapy Augment Regenerative Medicine?

  • Capacitive-resistive electric transfer therapy (Winback Tecar Therapy) improves tissue stability and range of motion while promoting the differentiation and proliferation of stem cells.
  • Winback Tecar Therapy promotes tissue vascularity while decreasing inflammatory mediators, thereby maintaining an environment more conducive to stem cell longevity and tissue repair.
  • Winback Tecar Therapy allows us to influence the surrounding environment for better tissue organization leading to a more therapeutic environment for stem cell survival and recruitment

Regenerative Medicine

Bottom Line:

  • According to a recent meta-analysis of randomized control trials, physical therapy is a significant outcome modifier when used in conjunction with stem cell injections.
  • According to a recent systematic review, tissue loading via physical therapy is crucial for maximized the reparative effect of PRP injections.
  • Multimodal physical therapy that includes electric dry needling and Winback treatment is able to maintain an environment that optimizes the survival, differentiation, and function of reparative mediators and stem cells.
  • We work very closely with several specialists in regenerative medicine including: STEMS

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