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The best physical therapy outcomes happen when patients and therapists BOTH understand the plan of care, treatment techniques, and rationale behind the methodology used during every session. The patient should have a clear understanding of why each exercise, stretch, or manual technique is performed during their session, the importance of it, as well as what they can do between sessions to maximize recovery. All patients leave every session with ‘homework’ to assist in maintaining progress made in treatment sessions. This helps patients keep forward momentum throughout the course of rehabilitation.

Every patient who rehabs with us at Symmetry Physical Therapy works with the same physical therapist during their recovery to maintain continuity of care and maximize treatment progression. During each session, open communication is maintained about progress and status of the injury so that every exercise and technique used is applicable for how the patient is feeling that day. Depending on how the patient is feeling, day-to-day treatments will vary.


Dr. Natalia S. Sikaczowski,Owner and Founder of Symmetry Physical Therapy DPT, CSCS, Blood Flow Restriction Certified

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We treat a wide range of orthopedic ailments; from post-surgical day one to maintenance treatment for elite-level performance athletes. Depending on what the need is of the patient, sessions vary from slow stabilization exercises, to high level weighted precision movements. Click to learn more about the orthopedic ailments we treat, and the physical therapy services we offer our Miami patients.

All of Symmetry Physical Therapy’s Therapists are trained in the latest research based techniques to provide the best physical therapy treatment options to all our patients.

Our physical therapists are continually advancing treatments as research progresses.

Upon discharge patients feel fully prepared on how to stay injury free.

We take pride in being fully present and committed to each individual patient’s success.Our dedication, integrity, and consistency in providing top-quality physical therapy intervention has made Symmetry Physical Therapy one of the most highly respected physical therapy clinics in South Florida.


Symmetry Physical Therapy is the only one-on-one, patient centered physical therapy clinic serving Downtown Miami/Brickell. Symmetry’s dedicated and passionate team of professionals are fully committed to each patient’s success. Symmetry’s unique approach to rehabilitation helps patients recover faster with the best outcomes.

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