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What is a Running Analysis?

A running analysis uses slow-motion video software to capture and record running form throughout the gait cycle. All runners would benefit from having the watchful eye of an expert analyze movement patterns. Slow-motion recordings allow the physical therapists to analyze different points in the stride that are not accurately seen with the naked eye. This allows the patient and physical therapist to define any movement faults to decrease strain and overuse of certain muscle groups thus improving running efficiency.

Proper coaching of your running form can help:

  • To decrease aches and pains
  • Lower risk of injury
  • Improve running economy

Quick Notes about Running Analysis

A proper running analysis can help to identify faulty movement patterns that may agree with the findings of a comprehensive objective physical evaluation. This helps to identify the appropriate treatment needed for each individual patient to improve outcomes. We can easily see the pre- and post-treatment effects on pain and biomechanics.

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What to Expect During a Running Analysis


  • 6-10 minutes warmup on treadmill - Walking in the beginning, but ramping up to regularly self-selected jogging pace

Video Capture

  • 5-10 second recordings from each view in front, back, and side

Review of Findings

  • Generalized movement analysis
  • Measure joint angles
  • Highlight areas of strengths and weaknesses from each phase of gait
  • Discuss and formulate plan of action
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How Can a Running Analysis Help Me?

Every person is different and every injury presents in a unique way. It is up to the physical therapist to determine how an individual’s movement pattern fits into their injury presentation.

Understanding the mechanics of your movement patterns can immediately have a positive effect on:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Pain management
  • Injury risk
  • Running Economy

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