Symmetry is growing!


Finally, we have decided to expand the clinic. Because our patient list is growing, the clinic is following suit! So what does this mean for your current physical therapy sessions? As we remodel the clinic, our physical therapists will continue to provide dedicated one-on-one physical therapy care (just with a little more dust). We are very excited for this growth as it allows our therapists to get more creative with your individualized physical therapy!

What’s being added?

By growing the clinic, we have a much larger area for therapeutic exercise. This area will include a turf floor for agility work, running drills and other sport specific activities. We plan to purchase agility ladders, a power sled and much more to enhance your physical therapy experience. These additions are just what we needed to further rehabilitation for our active patient population.

New Staff!

Along with the addition of space, we’ve added two more staff members!

First, we welcome Jennifer Hopkins is our new office coordinator! She will be the first friendly face you see when you come into the new and improved Symmetry clinic!




Next, we have Dr. Timothy Alemi. Dr. Tim graduated from University of Miami with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy in 2016 and just completed a Sports Physical Therapy Residency. We are stoked to add another great therapist to our team. Dr. Tim’s values align perfectly with the current clinic culture to give the best one-on-one physical therapy care to our patients.




As we continue to update the clinic, we hope you will pardon our dust! Most importantly, our focus will always be to give you the best personalized one-on-one physical therapy care. With these additions we are able to take your care to the next level!

You can check out a video of the clinic demolition on our YouTube channel.


And as always, check us out on Instagram for daily physical therapy exercise videos! This week’s series is “Lacrosse Ball Self-Mobilizations” to help with areas of tightness and restriction.

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