Your Brain on Massage

Neck pain specialist

The Brain’s Response First, massage can be and beneficial for your overall health. A massage can improve the body’s physical state. Massage has not always been considered as an actual form of therapy. It has to gain medical legitimacy. This can be achieved through evidence-based practice. Also, it’s crucial to educate others about how massage therapy…

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The Benefits of Massage Therapy

massage therapy

How Massage Therapy Can Benefit Your Mental and Physical Health The benefits of massage can be an integral component in your self-care. When was the last time you had a massage? A massage is usually reserved for special occasions. Despite how great we feel, most of us don’t think about getting another massage until our…

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What’s New At Symmetry Physical Therapy?

symmetry physical therapy

Symmetry Physical Therapy is growing! We have decided to expand Symmetry Physical Therapy! Our patient list is growing and so are we. So what does this mean for your current physical therapy sessions? Our physical therapists will continue to provide dedicated one-on-one physical therapy care. We are very excited about this growth. As a result,…

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How does a TENS unit work?

Chances are you’ve heard of a tens unit before. It’s what looks super high-tech in PT clinics with electrodes, wires, and fancy equipment. Are you familiar with how it works in giving you pain relief? How to Use It There are some different ways to use TENS for pain relief, but we’re going to cover…

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The First Rib

What is the first rib? Have you ever heard of the acefirst ribae? Mysterious and sometimes mistaken for other injuries, oftentimes limitation in the end ranges of shoulder flexion and neck pain have much to do with this small, but complex bone. The first rib is often mistakenly attributed to a knot in the lower…

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