Running Analysis

what is a running analysis

Intro to Running Analysis Distance running as a competitive and recreational sport has exponentially increased in popularity over the years. We have more people running than ever before. But, many runners have not received any specific coaching on how to run. It is very easy to simply put on your shoes and start running without…

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Why You Need Physical Therapy

physical therapy

You should see a Physical Therapist for pain first! As soon as you begin to experience pain or discomfort in your body you should receive physical therapy. Imagine one day you are reaching into your cupboard and notice some pain in your shoulder, but no big deal! This achy pain should go away on its…

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What’s New At Symmetry Physical Therapy?

symmetry physical therapy

Symmetry Physical Therapy is growing! We have decided to expand Symmetry Physical Therapy! Our patient list is growing and so are we. So what does this mean for your current physical therapy sessions? Our physical therapists will continue to provide dedicated one-on-one physical therapy care. We are very excited about this growth. As a result,…

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Can Exercise cause Happiness?

What do I need to know about the brain? Before we tell you: does exercise cause happiness, Let’s learn a little about the brain. The brain has a bunch of nerves that “talk to each other”. Basically, these nerves communicate by passing notes. Notes, in the brain, are chemicals called neurotransmitters. So, these notes (or neurotransmitters)…

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Proximal Stability for Distal Mobility

“Proximal stability for distal mobility.” You might be wondering what on earth that means. Well, it’s a pretty important concept and one that we are huge proponents of at Symmetry Physical Therapy in Downtown Miami. This phrase basically means that in order to have proper functioning and mobility in distal structures – like our legs…

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