Virtual Physical Therapy with Team Symmetry

What are E-visits? E-visits

Symmetry Physical Therapy is now offering e-visits! E-visits are one-on-one virtual physical therapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Each visit will be a full 1 hour session consisting of various treatment techniques tailored to your individualized plan of care. In addition, we will determine which physical therapist will be the best match for you. Then, you’ll begin with a thorough evaluation to develop your plan of care.


virtual physical therapy

Are E-visits effective? 

We always tell our patients, there are multiple ways to achieve the same goal. There are effective self-mobilization techniques we can teach you to perform under our virtual supervision. The therapeutic exercise portion of the visit will go exactly as it would in the clinic. We will be able to give you instruction with specific cues and form correction during each exercise. You will be able to give us real time feedback about how each exercise is feeling and we will be able to appropriately modify if necessary.



virtual physical therapy

What equipment do I need?

We will use our creative side to utilize whatever items you already have. We also recommend having a bottle of water ready for rest breaks. 



What program is used? working from home

We use a virtual meeting program called ZoomThe program is extremely user friendly and easy to use. Our staff will walk you through the set up instructions step by step to ensure the process is seamless. The program can be accessed with a cell phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. 


When should I do an e-visit? 

E-visits are a great alternative when you are stuck at home, not feeling well, traveling for work, traveling for vacation, working long hours, or any time when a virtual session is more convenient. E-visits are the perfect way to supplement your plan of care to ensure continuity of treatment and avoid any setbacks or loss of progress.


Bonus! How to set up your desk when working from home.working from home

Additionally, E-visits are the perfect way to do a virtual ergonomic assessment of your workstation at home. It is important to maintain good posture and alignment to avoid an onset of unwanted pain. We will perform a full 10 point ergonomic assessment and give recommendations to optimize positioning of: monitor, keyboard, mouse, chair, arm rests, foot rest, etc. Reach forward and have the monitor positioned one arm’s length away. Education along with changes of the workstation have helped our patients combat nagging pain and tightness.



Additional questions? 

We are here to help! Contact us with any questions regarding e-visits, insurance coverage, or physical therapy in general.

See you soon! 


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