Strength Training for Runners

strength training for runners

With gyms closed and sheltering-in-place as the new normal, more people are running as their primary source of cardiovascular activity. Running is excellent for your heart, improves your endurance, and can even trigger the famed runner’s high. This real phenomenon is an influx of endorphins and endocannabinoids released by the body during a run. These…

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7 Simple Home Exercises

As the COVID-19 pandemic creates increasing concerns and restrictions across the globe, many of us have had to make some dramatic changes to our normal routines. School closures, working from home, and social distancing guidelines have many of us spending way more time at home, with fewer opportunities for exercises. This can take a toll…

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Virtual Physical Therapy with Team Symmetry

virtual physical therapy miami fl

What are E-visits? Symmetry Physical Therapy is now offering e-visits! E-visits are one-on-one virtual physical therapy sessions with a Doctor of Physical Therapy. Each visit will be a full 1 hour session consisting of various treatment techniques tailored to your individualized plan of care. In addition, we will determine which physical therapist will be the…

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