Back Pain: Why is it important to receive early physical therapy?

Intro to Back Pain

Say you decide to play a friendly game of tennis with a friend after work and you tweak your back. Or even you go to pick up your four year old grandson and something just doesn’t feel right in your low back after words. Back pain can be extremely painful and result in lost days at work, cause you to sit out from your leisurely activities, and prevent you from participating in what should be easy everyday activities.

Facts about Back Pain 

The American Physical Therapy Association states that in any given 3 month period, around 25% of Americans will experience this type of pain. That is A LOT of people. With many of these cases, the pain isn’t too horrible and goes away eventually. But just one injury to the lower back predisposes you to re-injure yourself.

If you’ve ever had this, you know how limiting it can be to your everyday life. Studies have show that direct costs for treatment pain have averaged around $30 billion a year. This accounts for lost time at work, expenses for medical procedures and the medications that follow.

The evidence from current research says that physical therapy is an EFFECTIVE, and CHEAPER first choice! Because of this, more doctors are referring patients to physical therapy before prescribing opioids or performing surgical procedures. Early physical therapy is the best option for many patients!


Back Pain: Why is it important to receive early physical therapy?

If you are experiencing these issues, come see us at Symmetry Physical Therapy! We can address your pain immediately and help to keep you pain-free! Check out some of these yoga poses for low back pain from our Youtube channel!

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