Pain: Why do we feel it?

knee pain

What is pain? That is a loaded question with a complex answer! To give a simple explanation, “it is an unpleasant sensory or emotional experience that is unique to the individual.” The key word being “unique” as perceptions of pain and how to it relates to our physiology can be quite complex. We deal in…

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Pilates for Low Back Pain

pilates physical therapy Miami FL

Does Pilates Based Physical Therapy Help Reduce Low Back Pain?  Pilates is a form of exercise that shares many similarities with physical therapy. Pilates is based on several principles of movement including: breath, axial elongation and core control, spine articulation, organization of the head/neck/shoulders, alignment and weight bearing of the extremities, and movement integration. Utilizing…

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Neck Pain Prevention When Working From Home

physical therapy for neck pain miami fl

Working from Home Are you experiencing neck pain, slouching, or excessively leaning forward while you work from home? The first and likely most important factor when working from home is to ensure an ergonomic workstation. Proper workstation set up provides optimal posture and body alignment.  When sitting at your workstation check the following: Are you…

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Ergonomic Workstation

ergonomic assessment miami fl

How and why to set up an Ergonomic Workstation You may have heard the buzz about having a ‘body-friendly’ ergonomic workstation and wondered “What does that even mean?” It’s no surprise that as we continue to have more time at our desks, our bodies are suffering. Whether you are having tension headaches, low back pain, knee…

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The Diaphragm and Lower Back Pain?


Low back pain is a very common orthopedic condition that brings people to physical therapy. There are many factors that play into an individual’s back pain, making it one of the hardest areas of the body to treat. Recent literature has keyed in on breathing patterns and diaphragm dysfunction as a factor contributing to lower…

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