WIN your body Back!

What is the Winback?

Winback symmetry pt miami

The Winback is a machine which provides a non-invasive and painless mechanism to promote cellular exchange, increase microcirculation, and improve lymphatic drainage. This in turn leads to a significant speed-up in the healing process. The machine uses non-invasive current to transmit energy at high radio frequencies to the target tissue. This stimulates the body’s natural repair mechanism, increases local blood flow, and enhances the supply of micronutrition and oxygen to the tissue. In simple words, it sets the stage for the healing process of the damaged tissue to take place. It then makes the tissue more receptive to other treatments and interventions such as manual therapy and helps to promote a faster recovery with a decreased amount of pain.

What makes Winback special?

Winback symmetry pt miami

There are a wide variety of machines and significant diversity of modalities employed in physical therapy treatments. These include therapeutic ultrasound, low-power laser therapy, electrical stimulation, cryotherapy, etc. So, it is natural to ask oneself, when and why is the Winback machine the best choice for treatment? The answer lies at the core of how the machine operates. The high-frequency current generated by Winback is delivered non-invasively. The frequency range developed by Winback allows targeting of various tissue layers (muscles, tendons, joints, and bones), operating on deep and painful components which were previously unresponsive. The Winback allows for the tissue to have a significant increase in vascularization, increase in oxygen delivery, increase in collagen pliability (alleviating ischemic compression on tissues), and increase in fibroblast activity. It is a bio-accelerator of the body’s natural healing process. 

 Most excitingly for us physical therapists, the Winback machine stimulates cellular exchange and increases microcirculation. This amplifies the effects of manual therapy treatment. The winback machine is the physical therapist’s valuable teammate. The therapist evaluates the patient and then designs innovative manual therapy and exercises tailored to the patient’s needs. The winback machine amplifies the rewards of these treatments, hence speeding up the healing process. We can incorporate manual therapy and exercises at the same time that we are using the Winback machine.

At Symmetry Physical Therapy, we augment evidence-based physical therapy techniques such as dry needling, joint mobilization, trigger point release, strengthening, and neuromuscular re-education exercises, and modern tools such as the Winback machine. Not only does this speed of up the healing process, but it also creates an active and engaging therapy session with our patients. We then are able to enjoy and experience the health benefits of technological progress!

Who is a Candidate for Winback?

WIN your body Back!

If you have pain, tightness, or weakness, scar tissue, mobility limitation, or recovering from surgery, the Winback can help. There is a good chance that you will recover faster, and with less pain using Winback. We treat a variety of diagnoses, including tendonitis, overuse injuries, scar tissue, plantar fasciitis, headaches, sprains, acute and chronic pain, arthritis, impingement, nerve compression, nerve entrapment, and so much more!

Experience the Latest Technological Trends at Symmetry Physical Therapy!

Latest technological trends symmetry pt miami

Symmetry Physical Therapy is the first and the only physical therapy clinic in Miami that offers Winback tecar treatment to our patients! In Symmetry Physical Therapy, you will experience a personalized one-on-one treatment session which is tailored to your needs and goals. We are here to make your recovery faster, easier, and more fun. We are here to make it possible for you to win your body and your peak performance back! Interested in reading more? Check out our research articles as well as our services page for more information.