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The Symmetry Physical Therapy Team

There’s so much information out there about exercise, injury prevention, treatment, and the human body in general. It’s our mission and passion at Symmetry Physical Therapy to provide you with up to date, evidence-based knowledge for anything you’d want to know about how to move better and live the healthiest life possible. That’s what our blog is for! Our physical therapists post weekly topics on everything from the best exercises to do for that pesky runner’s knee to the science behind our methods in the clinic – all so you can stay informed and learn a bit along the way. The human body is an amazing thing and we want to provide a solid resource for any questions you might have, dispel any myths out there, and provide the best ways to keep yourself pain-free and moving the way you want to.

Our posts will help you learn about anatomy, understand movement dysfunctions, and teach you how to overcome those dysfunctions. We hit on topics that are relevant, cutting-edge, and sometimes even a bit controversial – all to keep you informed. Check back each week for a new post and become more aware, prepared, and educated – it’s what we’re all about here at Symmetry.

Make sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook to not only get our weekly blog posts, but to get daily videos, pictures, and information tailored to YOU and your goals. There’s no one-size-fits all approach to physical therapy, and at Symmetry Physical Therapy, we embody that notion. We hope you enjoy our blog and stay tuned!


The Mysterious First Rib Revealed

Have you ever heard of the acefirst ribae? Mysterious and sometimes mistaken for other injuries, oftentimes limitation in the end ranges of shoulder flexion and neck pain have much to do with this small, but complex bone. The first rib is often mistakenly attributed to a knot in the lower neck or upper back. However-…

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Are You Doing Your Stretches Right?

Are You Doing Your Stretches Right?

Although it is something that may seem commonsense, there is a science to stretching effectively. For example, you must hold a stretch for at least 30 seconds to lengthen muscle fiber- anything less than this amount of time actually doesn’t do anything for your body. However, that’s just the beginning. Tendons, ligaments, arteries and veins…

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