If you are looking for physical therapy, go here! It is one-on-one PT that costs a little extra, but is well worth it. You are with your physical therapist through the whole session and have his or her full attention in getting you better.

At this particular clinic, they focus less on therapeutic modalities like icing/heating/STIM and more on therapeutic exercise to help strengthen, correct and balance your body. It is much more effective in my experience.

They also give you a full, detailed and thorough examination, discussion and assessment before treatment begins. We touched on every little relevant detail of my condition before beginning. It was not only relieving to be heard, but made me confident and comfortable in the treatment because I knew all of my issues were being addressed and cared for.

I’ve worked with physical therapist Tim for 2 sessions and previously once with Natalia. Both therapists are exemplary. They know what they are doing and care to find out about you so they can help get you better.

It took me months of bouncing around to four different PT clinics within my insurance network to try and find care that would address my issues. None of the PTs cared and I spent less than 10 minutes with them per 60 minute session. I was seeing very little progress.

I looked around and found Symmetry PT online. They let me know that they don’t work with most insurance companies because reimbursement for one-on-one PT care is nearly impossible. It is ridiculous because that is what physical therapy should really be.

Fortunately, they do have financing plan options available if you need a little help paying for it, but I just pay cash because it is easier.

Spend the extra money and come here. If you don’t have the extra money, find it. Your health is worth it and it will save you time, money and suffering in the long run.

Big thanks for all the help and recovery so far to Tim, Natalia and everyone at Symmetry PT.