Mobility & Workouts


What is mobility?  Mobility is referencing the range of motion functionally available within a specific joint or motor pattern. Think of your joints as door hinges, the stiffer they get the harder it is to open the door. But if you put some WD-40 on those hinges, all of a sudden the door swings open…

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Best Stretch Ever

hamstring stretch in supine

Best Stretch Ever: Applying Neuromuscular Science to Your Everyday Stretch Routine  Written By: Dr. Nicole Ramos, PT, DPT  Stretching is one of those things that we all know we should do regularly, but don’t. Everyone has a different reason for why stretching is consistently left out of their exercise routines. They include everything from “it’s…

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Why is Hip Mobility so important?

Why is Hip Mobility Important? Hip mobility is essential to the proper full functioning of the hip joint. While the hip joint is meant to be more stable and less mobile than the shoulder joint, it can still be extremely limiting and even harmful if the hip joint lacks its full mobility.  There are many…

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