Symmetry Physical Therapy Miami operates on the motto of personalized treatment and does so to the fullest extent. Rehab after an injury can be an intimidating and seemingly arduous process for most. It can even make you feel pretty defeated when you can’t do the things you’re used to being able to do, and even more so, the things you truly enjoy doing. At Symmetry, there’s no cookie-cutter plan for every person who walks in the door. There’s a well-thought-out, personalized plan that caters to the passions, interests, and goals of the individual – and that’s the way physical therapy should be.

Take a look at this story from a patient who experienced this exact type of personalized care at Symmetry:

“Having been an athlete most of my life, any sort of injury really gets me down if it inhibits not only my daily life, but also my ability to work out in the way that I want to. I recently started graduate school and sitting all day started to wear on my lower back and hips from being cramped up so much. It got to the point where I couldn’t bend over without pain in my lower back, let alone work out in the gym or attend my guilty pleasure: cycling classes that are all the rage in Miami.

I spent time with Dr. Natalia working on identifying my problem areas and getting to the underlying issues – like really tight hamstrings, hip flexors, and some overall flexibility problems. We worked intensely to attack those issues so I could get back to doing what I loved.

Dr. Natalia knew about what great stress relief and enjoyment I got out of those cycling classes, so when it came time to advance into resuming my activities, she had the perfect idea. Instead of doing any sort of common, run-of-the-mill exercise program, she mimicked one of those cycling classes in her clinic. She set me up on the bike and timed me for intervals, had me engage in the same kind of moves used in those classes (push ups on the handlebars, changing seated positions, etc.), and made it very evident that she paid close attention and care to what makes me, an individual patient, happy.”

If you’re looking for an individual-centered physical therapy, the type that hones in on your exact needs and goals, then Symmetry Physical Therapy in Downtown Miami/Brickell will surely impress you. Your recovery is just that – yours. There’s no one-size-fits-all treatment. Come and see for yourself! Call us today at 305.331.2277 to schedule your physical therapy session!

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