Flexibility vs. Mobility: What’s the Difference?


Chances are you’ve seen an Instagram account or two (or ten) promoting mobility challenges.  These include exercises that require motion at many joints to perform correctly. So you’re probably thinking, I can stretch for 5 minutes and then try this exercise again with a better result. By doing this, you might not see the results…

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What’s the deal with foam rolling?

Perhaps one of the biggest buzzwords in the fitness and physical therapy communities is foam rolling. Isn’t that what everyone recommends doing these days? Walk into any gym and you’ll see foam rollers of all shapes and sizes. Chances are, you probably even have one tucked away in your closet or the corner of your…

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Cryotherapy: The ‘Cool’ New Way to Recover

The team at Symmetry takes pride in having a strong local community presence. The Symmetry Physical Therapy Team took a trip to CryoXtreme in Brickell to give whole body cryotherapy a shot. First, cryotherapy is actually used to boost recovery and help with a ton of diseases* that we see a lot in the physical therapy…

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Prehab & Physical Therapy

What is “prehab”? What do you think of when you hear “physical therapy”? Probably a place The term “rehab” probably comes to mind. Well, that’s certainly part of it, but it isn’t the whole picture. A major movement in the physical therapy world right now – and a huge goal of Symmetry Physical Therapy –…

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Personalized Treatment

physical therapy for knee pain miami

Introduction Symmetry Physical Therapy operates on the motto of personalized treatment and does so to the fullest extent. Rehab after an injury can be an intimidating process for most. It can even make you feel pretty defeated when you can’t do the things you’re used to being able to do. At Symmetry, there’s no cookie-cutter…

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