Your Brain on Massage

Your Brain on Massage

The Brain’s Response

First, massage can be and beneficial for your overall health. A massage can improve the body’s physical state. Massage has not always been considered as an actual form of therapy. It has to gain medical legitimacy. This can be achieved through evidence-based practice. Also, it’s crucial to educate others about how massage therapy influences the nervous system.

Interpreting Massage

First, what is the ANS? This system is made up of the parasympathetic and sympathetic branches. The parasympathetic system slows the body down and allows for rest and digestion. The sympathetic system reveals itself with an increased heart rate and breathing. Our nervous system helps us understand how well the body adapts to stressors. It steadily tries to maintain a healthy relationship between the two branches.

Restoring Balance

Massage also promotes muscle relaxation by targeting the source of the body’s pain. Increased activity to the affected area reduces stiffness and increases flexibility in order to reduce pain. A byproduct of these metabolic actions results in decreased tension, improved mood, and pain reduction.

Above all, massage stimulates the central nervous system. In addition, it helps to maintain a healthy relationship between the parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous systems. This type of therapy can help to make the necessary adjustments in the body. 

Last, massage is a healthy way to recharge the body. Consider getting a massage for an overall mind and body remedy. Your nervous system will thank you for it!


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