Benefits of Unilateral Exercise

  Unilateral means “one sided”; an exercise performed on one side of the body, or with one limb. Bilateral means “both sides”; an exercise performed with both sides of the body or with both limbs. For example, a piston would be considered a unilateral exercise, where a squat would be considered a bilateral exercise. Unilateral…

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3 Reasons Strong Glutes are Important

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What do your glutes do? There are different glutes; three to be exact: gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. Together, these muscles are responsible for hip extension, internal rotation, and abduction of the hip. The glute medius and minimus work together to promote hip abduction and prevent hip adduction. These muscle come in most handy when…

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Proximal Stability for Distal Mobility

“Proximal stability for distal mobility.” You might be wondering what on earth that means. Well, it’s a pretty important concept and one that we are huge proponents of at Symmetry Physical Therapy in Downtown Miami. This phrase basically means that in order to have proper functioning and mobility in distal structures – like our legs…

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