Plyometric Training (Part 1)

Plyometric Training

The Importance of Plyometric Training The goal of plyometric training is to enable a maximal muscle contraction in the shortest time possible. The rate of the contraction is the main factor that makes an exercise plyometric. The rate of the stretch matters more than how much it is actually stretched. For example, if the stretch…

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Adductor Strains

adductor strain

Groin Strains If you played sports, it is likely that you have experienced an adductor groin strain. This injury is most common in sports like soccer, ice hockey, tennis, rugby, baseball, basketball, and football. A groin strain can limit your ability to perform many activities like running, kicking, cutting or changing direction, and can linger…

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Periodization for Peak Performance


Periodization is the best for peak performance. All competitive athletes want to improve their in-season performance. However, off-season training leads to improvement in performance. Thankfully, there are several different approaches to strength training to allow for peak performance. Most paradigms involve some form of this training. The purpose is to maximize several different athletic qualities…

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Strength Training and Running Performance

strength training for runners

Running “Wear and Tear” We treat a large population of endurance athletes at our clinic. We typically hear the same sentiment amongst those runners that are often injured. Many distance runners believe that running is sufficient exercise to strengthen their legs, however this is not the case. As a result, it is critical for runners to…

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