How Can I Relieve My Shoulder Pain?

How can I relieve my shoulder pain symmetry pt miami

Shoulder pain is a common musculoskeletal condition affecting many adults. Shoulder pain may arise from the shoulder joint itself or from any of the many surrounding muscles, ligaments, or tendons. Pain that comes from the shoulder joint usually worsens with movements or activities of the arm or shoulder. Various diseases or conditions can cause pain in the shoulder.

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Physical Therapy for Shoulder Pain

Physical therapy for shoulder pain symmetry pt miami

Shoulder pain is a common pain that many people experience but it should not be a problem that we settle to live with. The shoulder joint is meant for mobility meaning that it has the most range of motion of all our joints. If we are experiencing shoulder pain, more than likely close to all of our daily activities will aggravate you because of how much we use our upper extremities.

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Why Should I Train in Quadruped?

WHAT IS QUADRUPED? Quadruped is the position where both hands and knees are on the ground. It is the starting position of crawling that all children do. When young babies are learning to walk, quadruped helps them develop curves in their spine and core strength. For adults, there are so many more reasons to add…

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Shoulder stability, why do we need it?

Proximal stability for distal mobility in joints.

Shoulder stability is important for developing and maintaining healthy shoulders. Before we get into why it is important, let’s look at some shoulder basics. When people think of the shoulder they think of a ball-and-socket joint made up of the arm bone (humerus) and shoulder blade (scapula). However, the shoulder is so much more complex.…

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