Running Injuries

running assessment

Why Am I Developing Running Injuries? Many of us have increased our frequency of running during this pandemic. Running “too much, too soon,” is one of the primary causes of injury. Runners will often experience overuse injuries because of the large amount of miles logged over the course of their training. Poor movement patterns can…

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Running Analysis

what is a running analysis

Intro to Running Analysis Distance running as a competitive and recreational sport has exponentially increased in popularity over the years. We have more people running than ever before. But, many runners have not received any specific coaching on how to run. It is very easy to simply put on your shoes and start running without…

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How to Prevent a Running Injury

prevent running injury

Running Injuries Athletes or even average active individuals will often experience a running injury. This is a result of high amounts of miles over the course of their training. Poor movement is a primary cause for injuries. It is important to understand proper running form. Improper running form may be caused by problems in strength,…

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Running Tips & Tricks


How to get to the finish line One of the most popular events in Miami is taking place this month- the Miami Corporate Run! We here at Symmetry are passionate about exercise and sports performance. We will briefly discuss how to address the run from your running form, injury prevention, and general nutrition. Here are…

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