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Stop injury before it happens.

Come into Symmetry Physical Therapy for a preventative screening to identify susceptible areas to injury and create a prehab program.

Every year we do medical checkups to ensure our body is performing at its best. We check our blood pressure, monitor our cholesterol, and get blood work done to be certain we are healthy. Why are we not screening one of our most important systems, the Musculoskeletal System, to make sure it is healthy and not at risk of break down? The answer – We should be! It’s called Prehab!

During a Prehab examination, every patient receives a complete full body evaluation performed by a physical therapist. Multiple screenings and functional testing are administered to assess vulnerabilities, and implement an injury prevention treatment plan that is directly geared towards strengthening and correcting one’s predisposition to injury.

Prehab is an important and necessary approach to avoiding pain and injury. Prehab consists of performing a specifically designed exercise routine focused on building strength, stability, mobility, and balance around areas that are at increased risk for injury as well as maintaining appropriate muscle balances. Research has shown that maintaining an appropriate muscle balance is vital for a healthy body. When a poor muscle balance exists throughout the body movement patterns become dysfunctional and the risk of injury increases substantially. A preventative prehab routine is crucial to staying healthy and living the lifestyle you want.

Prehab routines can also be very beneficial prior to a scheduled surgery as well. These programs can help you prepare mentally for surgery, understand what to expect, reduce pain and inflammation, restore range of motion, improve muscular control of the injured area, normalize movement patterns, improve overall wellbeing and fitness, and gain an understanding of what exercises you will perform immediately after surgery.

With the recent advances in technology a sedentary lifestyle has become the norm. The phrase “sitting is the new smoking” demonstrates how detrimental sitting is to the body. This prolonged sedentary lifestyle leads to many muscle imbalances. At Symmetry Physical Therapy our staff of highly skilled therapists are trained to screen for muscle imbalances because of a sedentary lifestyle, sport performance, or life in general.

Below is a list of several common areas that may be addressed in your prehab routine.

  • Weakness of glutes and hamstrings
  • Poor ankle mobility
  • Weak intrinsic foot musculature
  • Poor shoulder mobility and scapular control
  • Tight pec/chest muscles and weak back muscles
  • Right and left asymmetries
  • Diagonal patterning asymmetries
  • Anterior/posterior pelvic tilt

Following the initial evaluation your therapist will develop an individually designed routine of exercises to help improve vulnerable areas of injury, posture, alignment, and efficiency of movement of joints and the body.

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