Symmetry Physical Therapy, Downtown Miami/ Brickell, continues to have exclusively 5-star reviews on several social media sites, after four years of serving Miami.

Some of south Florida’s leading physicians and orthopedic surgeons refer their top patients to us, knowing Symmetry provides the best physical therapy care in south Florida. Below you will find a list of testimonials and reviews written by Symmetry Physical Therapy’s patients. Symmetry prides itself on having a diverse patient population, and well rounded and capable therapists who treat a variety of diagnoses.

Check out what other patients had to say about Symmetry Physical Therapy’s customized therapy programs!


Nicolas Bravo

Symmetry is without a doubt the best place I could have gone for my physical therapy. From literally not being able to run due to excruciating groin pain, to being back to playing soccer regularly with no issues and even getting a little extra help with other injuries in the process. The whole staff is amazing and friendly, their installations are great, easy to get there and park, literally no complaints at all. I also must thank Tim Alemi, my therapist , for his patience and encouragement during my time there. 100% recommend Symmetry PT.

Gavin Ravens

If you are looking for physical therapy, go here! It is one-on-one PT that costs a little extra, but is well worth it. You are with your physical therapist through the whole session and have his or her full attention in getting you better.

At this particular clinic, they focus less on therapeutic modalities like icing/heating/STIM and more on therapeutic exercise to help strengthen, correct and balance your body. It is much more effective in my experience.

They also give you a full, detailed and thorough examination, discussion and assessment before treatment begins. We touched on every little relevant detail of my condition before beginning. It was not only relieving to be heard, but made me confident and comfortable in the treatment because I knew all of my issues were being addressed and cared for.

I’ve worked with physical therapist Tim for 2 sessions and previously once with Natalia. Both therapists are exemplary. They know what they are doing and care to find out about you so they can help get you better.

It took me months of bouncing around to four different PT clinics within my insurance network to try and find care that would address my issues. None of the PTs cared and I spent less than 10 minutes with them per 60 minute session. I was seeing very little progress.

I looked around and found Symmetry PT online. They let me know that they don’t work with most insurance companies because reimbursement for one-on-one PT care is nearly impossible. It is ridiculous because that is what physical therapy should really be.

Fortunately, they do have financing plan options available if you need a little help paying for it, but I just pay cash because it is easier.

Spend the extra money and come here. If you don’t have the extra money, find it. Your health is worth it and it will save you time, money and suffering in the long run.

Big thanks for all the help and recovery so far to Tim, Natalia and everyone at Symmetry PT.

Jennifer Alice

I came to Symmetry after shoulder surgery. The whole team is very nice. Tim was amazing and helped me to work on my range of motion and building my strength back up. I love the fact that they have one therapist that stays with you for the full hour. That way they can make sure you’re performing the exercises correctly and adjust your form and posture if needed. Thanks a lot for all your help!! You guys are great!

Cynthia Aceves

Excellent treatment! Natalia and Tim have been fantastic. Went in with shoulder pain and left without any, just after the first session. The whole team is professional and knowledgeable. I left feeling confident about my recovery and immensely satisfied with the treatment.

Kayla MacVean

I 100% recommend Symmetry Physical Therapy! Nicole is absolutely amazing, she healed my leg and I can run again. The entire team is so professional, so nice, and so so helpful. Totally recommend!!!!!!!

Sydney Atkin

I came to Symmetry with crippling shoulder pain and had no idea where it was stemming from. They welcomed with me open arms, made me feel right at home and worked with me to heal my pain. They found the cause of my pain and helped me modify my daily life to reduce and prevent future pain. Nicole and Stan are incredible at what they do and are just some genuinely nice people to get to know. Symmetry became my happy place and I left feeling rejuvenated after every session. The facility is beautiful and newly redone and they even have parking (which can be scarce in downtown)! Jenny is always on top of appointments, she is super helpful with any and all information. I honestly can’t say enough nice things about the whole team. If you’re looking for a wonderful PT look no further.

Alfonso Barral

Great team of professionals. They focus on the origin of the pain and help you l understand your body and how to fix it. Totally recommend Symmetry Physical Therapy.

Christie Stiver

I traveled 1000+ miles to recieve care at Symmetry and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. I have 14 fused vertebrae, 2 collapsed discs, arthritis and more. I was on the verge of being put on disability and my life being over at the age of 23. Within 3 weeks, the Symmetry team gave me my life back. Before I couldn’t walk very far unassisted. Today, I walk 1 mile every morning and still feel well enough to go on. If you are running out of hope, seek Symmetry. I have my life back and I’m eternally grateful. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be able to do next. Thank you, Symmetry PT. Please forgive me for taking so long to review you. It’s amazing how time flies when you can live your life 🙂

Karyn Todd

A friend recommended Symmetry to me. I started as part of Post-Op after a Laminectomy. I see Dr. Tim for therapy He has changed my mind set and I am feeling so much better. He always explains why I feel pain and what to do to make it better! Dr. Tim saved me and helped me to strengthen my core and get my life back. Stan is pretty cool too!

Marcela Carias

I wish I still lived in Miami to continue going to Symmetry Physical Therapy. I have been to many PT clinics, and none of them compared to the personal attention given and Symmetry. All the staff was so nice and welcoming, and the relationship between the PT and the patient was amazing.

Marisa Timko

I am seeing Tim for Pt and Latoya for massage therapy – both are amazing. Massive relief after a few sessions and I know I’m on my path to stronger and pain free neck and shoulders. Jenny is very accommodating at front desk and Natalia is understanding and accommodating with payments. Very clear office and uplifting atmosphere. So happy here.

Luis Perna

Had a massage with Latoya and all I can say it was absolutely amazing ! Incredible , friendly staff and an even more incredible massage ! Would recommend 100% and I will be a repeat customer

Suzel Vazquez

I am a physician as well as a patient at Symmetry PT. I have recommended many patients of mine throughout the years with great feedback and outcomes. As a patient, I have had several injuries throughout the years of training for triathlons. I have had a very successful outcome every time. Hamstring injuries have a particularly long recovery time, however after Natalia’s careful assessment and treatment, I am now running better than ever and pain free. I highly recommend Symmetry PT. The staff is friendly, accommodating and knowledgable. You will be in good hands!!

Lynn McCray

Great place, the staff is out of this world. Friendly, professional and very attentive to their patient. They make you feel so comfortable while giving you the care and treatment to make you better and the music is soothing and relaxing.

Dexter Chaveco

I’ve been in and out of there due to different injuries over the past couple years. Always feels like family, and when you get healthy its hard to say goodbye =(. Nicole has been a little wizard and helped me get through some shoulder issues as well as a knee problem. Great staff and very adaptive to my schedule.

Mich C

I happened upon Symmetry because I was looking for a place near my place of business, for physical therapy. I can tell you I’m glad I did. The staff is knowledgeable and very friendly and the therapy room is very well equipped and clean. Stan listens to my needs and adjusts my therapy accordingly. I physically feel much better since I started.

Johana Morales

I was involved in a car accident that resulted in awful neck pain. The treatment I received at Symmetry was outstanding and I haven’t had pain in months! They are professional, knowledgeable, caring, and always keep your best interest in mind. This team is simply the best therapy team out there! Thanks so much!

Ken Muskat

Symmetry Physical Therapy is ideal for any therapy needs you have. The staff is incredibly professional and very well educated. It is located in the center of downtown and very easy to walk to. Working with them on insurance and scheduling is a pleasure. Most importantly, they take your needs very seriously and for the time you are there the therapist concentrates on you and only you 100% of the time. It is never crowded with only 2 or maybe 3 other people at the same time working with other therapists. The equipment is state of the art, clean and all working. I highly recommend Symmetry to anyone with therapy needs.

Adriana Gonzalez

Three weeks before my marathon and my IT band was in really bad shape. I couldn’t run for more than 5 miles without feeling a lot of pain underneath my knee. I was really bummed out that after six months of training I wasn’t going to be able to compete in my first marathon. I came in and Tim was amazing. We put in three or four sessions a week. It was a ton of hard work and I was able to complete my marathon without any kind of pain in my knee. The staff is amazing, scheduling is really easy, and the location is perfect. Highly recommend this place and Tim!!!